Satel AI Vision.
The future of industrial surveillance systems
Satel AI Vision
transform your existing camera infrastructure with intelligent computer vision software
Satel AI Vision empowers you to detect and analyze objects in your video feed so you can reduce accidents, strengthen security, increase productivity and better understand your business.
Take advantage of enterprise-ready, plug & play visual AI technology
Satel AI Vision deploys rapidly to your existing camera network to monitor performance, people, and assets.
including CCTV, PTZ, drones, and mobile devices
Pair with any camera system already installed on your site
Deploy securely on-prem and/or sync with your cloud
using our low-code/no-code integration framework
on multiple real-time video streams at once
Automate visual analytics
for all cameras and use cases
Track your alerts on a single user interface
Transition from reactive to proactive safety, security, and quality control
Unlike most surveillance systems delivering dead digital feeds, Satel AI Vision provides automated, proactive monitoring of designated violations or relevant parameters, with a continuous-learning training module to reduce false positives/negatives.
Configure role-based alerts
Monitor and collect valuable business data
on performance, people, and assets across web, iOS, and Android-based dashboards.
Automatically analyze visual data in real-time
to reduce cost and harm associated with incidents/accidents.
to notify designated personnel in real time via web and mobile apps, email, text, or onsite alarm system.
Operationalize computer vision
with over 70 ready-to-deploy use cases
Alert non-use of PPEs, human falling, laying motionless.
Personal Safety
Get a top-down view of facility to understand how, when, and where people interact (heat map).
Detect, alert, and reject inferior products.
Detect equipment condition and failures. Measure performance indicators and modify operating procedures based on feedback.
Alert on security issues related to personnel, property, and physical assets. Perimeter control.
Situational Awareness
Visual Inspection
Equipment Productivity
Security & Perimeter
Detect employee presence at hazardous/specific areas.
Alarm on
fire/smoke detection.
Danger Zones
Industrial Safety
Alert unsafe/ prohibited employee actions and behaviors (smoking, fighting, use of gadjets, etc).
Action Recognition
Unauthorized mass meetings and protests detection.
Crowd Detection
Counting the number of people in and out.
Bladed and firearms recognition.
Car plates recognition, parking places control.
Alert on security issues related to property.
Counting People
Weapon Detection
Transport Control
Property Damage
Fighting, running, throwing objects monitoring.
Alert on abandoned bags, packages, backpacks.
Dangerous Behavior
Abandoned Object
Access control. White/ black list of persons.
Face Recognition
Reinforce your video analytic system with
mobile platform for automated management of field employees
Analytical intelligence platform for managers and dispatchers of large enterprises, ensuring ongoing supervision over field employees.

The platform enables efficient management and remote supervision of field worker operations. Enhance your existing video analytics system with Re:Vizor or use it as a stand-alone application.
SATEL Group was established in 1995 and since then specializes in IT/Telecom integration projects and runs its own in-house software development for telecom carriers, enterprises, and industrial corporations.
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